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Summary of Energy Technologies' Product Lines

Energy Technologies' (ETI) products are the Standard in rugged, high-reliability Power Generation, Power Conditioning, Power Distribution and Computer Peripherals for military, industrial, medical and telecommunications sectors. All of these product lines are available in Rackmount, NEMA, Portable and Customer Specific configurations. ETI's products include:

Rugged Systems™ rugged COTS AC and DC UPS, Frequency Converters, Power Conditioners, Inverters and Power Distribution Units (PDU). Some of the more popular product lines include: Rugged COTS rackmount UPS each power rating available in various I/O, chassis heights and depths, and control features;
Rugged COTS NEMA UPS available in all National Electrical Manufacturers Association configurations from NEMA 1 through NEMA 13 and IEC Ingress Protection configurations IP10 through IP67;
Rugged COTS rackmount Frequency Converters convert any frequency from 46-440 input to 50, 60 or 400 Hz out;
Rugged COTS rackmount Inverters starting at 1U height;
Rugged COTS rackmount Power Distribution Units (PDU) with manual and/or intelligent software controls including monitoring states, equipment and environmental parameters with SNMP and HTTP interfaces;
ETI is proud to be fully ISO 9001: 2008 CertifiedRugged COTS rackmount UPS/PDU Integrated Units that combine the benefits of the UPS and PDU products above into a single chassis saving rack space, cabling and installation costs.



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